Caring Labour and the Oppression within Household, 2019
The reality of the household as a sociocultural composition, which is dynamic rather than static, participating in production instead of segregating from public space, and internally inequitable

Edited archival videos of two three-hour performances confronting an individual audience, photographs, candles that cannot be lit without institutional authorisation, lingerie set, edible artificial blood, broken plaster of the testicles, teeth mould, plastic plywood. Mixed Soundtracks:
Red Bird: A Political Prisoner’s Dream by Trevor Wishart                          
Breathing In Birds And Others by Laetitia Sonami                          
Three Dances for Two Prepared Pianos: No. 1
by John Cage                  
Imaginary Landscape No. 1
by John Cage                          
Still And Moving Lines Of Silence In Families Of Hyperbolas: Voice
by Alvin Lucier